Platform for competitive multiplayer games with play-to-earn features using NFTs

nWayPlay enables developers to rapidly develop realtime multiplayer games with cross-play and cross-progression functionality. Plug into nWayPlay to enable play-to-earn, where players can earn NFT prizes they can trade on the nWayPlay Marketplace.



nWayPlay Marketplace is a destination for some of the hottest NFT collectibles with officially licensed IPs from games, sports, films, TV series, comics, anime, and more. Users can visit nWayPlay.com to purchase NFT packs/boxes, and trade individual NFTs from other users. Gamers can also earn NFTs for free playing games connected to nWayPlay marketplace. Connect your games to nWayPlay to enable play-to-earn for your games using NFTs as prizes.

Cross-play &

Increase your sales by giving player’s the most options to play your game. The nWayPlay platform supports platform-portable accounts so users can take their progress across multiple devices. The nWayPlay platform’s cross play support allows you to launch on any supported platform without worrying that you’ll be creating a user base without an adequate matchmaking pool.


Real-time Multiplayer Tech

If your game has real-time multiplayer, it is essential to the success of your title that the networked play feels good. The nWayPlay platform puts your title in great hands no matter what platform you release on.

  • Proven mobile real-time technology
  • Proven reliable P2P technology (true once console ships)

Dedicated Servers

The nWayPlay platform provides a framework for creating real-time arena servers that can be deployed across the globe to give all of your players the best experience.

  • We support data centers across the globe, including inside China
  • Geo-distribution is baked into the platform matchmaking/lobby systems
  • The arena framework can be extended with custom logic

User Tailored LiveOps

The nWayPlay platform provides user-level live ops targeting in real-time.

  • Real-time segmentation and cohorting allows for precise user targeting
  • “Dynamic Offers” allow for user-level personalization of in-app products

World-Class Customer Service Tools

Mistakes happen. Live Events ship is broken. Player’s click wrong buttons. The nWayPlay platform has your back.

  • Intuitive UI for modification of player data
  • Robust mail system with localization support baked in
  • Full audit log of all CS tool usage

A Good Night’s Sleep

Shipping on the nWayPlay platform means shipping on a platform with 99.99% planned uptime. We’re so confident about our platform stability, that we’ll act as your tier one technical contact.

  • Our platform has a proven scalability and stability record with
    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
  • Alerting and monitoring are first class features of the platform

Alpha Partnership Program

The ideal candidates for our Alpha Partnership Program are studios with games that are still moderately early in the development process and believe that the online feature set provided by the nWayPlay platform would enhance their game’s experience. nWay is looking for developers to form a close partnership. We will work directly with your engineering and product teams to onboard you onto the platform and give your game a tailor-made liveops experience.


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