Our Team

Our team has collectively developed and launched over a dozen hit console and online games, including several that have redefined their respective genres: Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, Diablo II, and Lineage II.

Taehoon Kim – Headshot Square

Serial entrepreneur in the high-tech, online gaming sector. Co-founded nWay, Pixelberry, Nurien Software, and IvyConnection. Advisor to many successful startups including SundayToz, Cloudgine and Coffee Meets Bagel. President of Realtime Worlds Korea and early member of New Business Development team at Samsung Electronics where it spawned smartphone and mobile gaming businesses.

Favorite 90s game: Tekken 3


CEO/Alchemist (Co-Founder)

Steve Kuroki – Picture (cropped2)

Animator turned designer with 12+ years in game development working on a wide range of projects including Jet Li’s Rise to Honor, Conan, Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2, and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

Favorite 90s game: Mortal Kombat II


Foodie Ranger (VP of Creative)


20+ year video game, entertainment, and Web3 veteran who has previously worked at companies such as Vivendi Games, THQ, Tyranno Studios, WAX Blockchain, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Music, and Warner Music.

Favorite 90’s game:  Final Fantasy VII


Takin’ Care of Business (VP Business Development)


Technology leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years of industry experience. Previously at Oracle, Kabam and Glu Mobile.

Favorite 90s game: Doom


(VP of Engineering)


A web3 and gaming connoisseur with an extensive background in marketing.


Favorite 90s game: Half-Life


Marketing Sorceress (VP of Marketing)


Born in the 90’s and raised in the Bay Area with a love for video games. BA in Animation and Visual Effects. Enjoys seeing or applying the smallest details in art, especially animation.

Favorite 90s game: Jak 2


Kinesthetic Engineer (Character TD/Animator)

Chris Carranza – Picture

Grew up in the Philippines and Guam. Dropped the island life to come stateside and got my BFA in Animation/Illustration at SJSU. Been working in the game industry for the past 10 years. Have a deep love for raw fish and rice.

Favorite 90s game: NBA Jam


The Islander (Lead 3D Artist)

Colin Tong – Picture

A San Francisco native who majored in accounting. 10+ years in the financial industry and 6+ years in mobile gaming. Previously worked at Kabam on Marvel Contest of Champions, Transformers Forged to Fight, and Shop Titans. Loves sports, sci-fi and noodle soup.

Favorite 90s game: Final Fantasy VII


The Big Spender (Growth Marketing Lead)

Daniel Chevalier – Picture

Growing up in the 80s, feeding countless quarters into arcade machines, I remember thinking “one day these games will look as cool as the illustrations on the sides of these game cabinets”. This fascination, with my obsession with control panels probably had something to do with me finding a home doing video game UI.

Favorite 90s game: MDK


Coffee Surgeon (Sr. UI/UX Artist)

Daryl Tung – profile pic

Previously worked as a Programmer at EA, Namco, SmartBombInteractive, and KIXEYE. Previous titles include Godfather, Dead To Rights, Snoopy Vs RedBaron.

Favorite 90s game: ICO (almost 90s!)


Professional Fixer (Lead Software Engineer)

David Lu – Picture

Video games have been my passion since I was a kid. Went to school to design video games, 8+ years developing my skills to break a game before it’s even in development.

Favorite 90s game: Final Fantasy 7


Breaker of Games (QA Analyst)

Don Arboleda – Picture

Graduated from UC Berkeley and landed in the world of PvP mobile games. Claims to play games for fun, but is that really true?

Favorite 90s game: Final Fantasy Tactics


Supererogatory Sesquipedalia Connoisseur (Software Engineer)

Grant Wang – Profile Pic (cropped)

Previously worked at Popcap Studios on Plants vs. Zombies 3. An expert gamer who excels at mashing.

Favorite 90s game: 2nd Super Robot Wars G


The Delete Key (Software Engineer)


Majored in Computer Engineering from Ajou University, Korea. Previously worked at Wonder and Neople, where he worked on Dungeon and Fighter. Loves music, photography, and travelling.

Favorite 90s game: Command and Conquer


Diver (Sr. Software Engineer)

Ivy lee – Profile pic

Majored in English at UCLA and studied Literature Translation at KLTI.

Favorite 90s game: Chrono Trigger


Miss Biz (Sr. Business Operations Manager)

Hyunseok Kim – Picture

Has 9 years of 3D graphic and lead concept artist experience. Formerly worked at GameHi and Doobic Entertainment (both acquired by Nexon) in South Korea.

Favorite 90s game: Dungeon Keeper


The Illusionist (Lead Character Artist)

Jaime Lai – Profile Picture

Experienced product manager with a passion for solving problems and delighting users. Worked on titles such as Big Fish Casino, Jackpot Magic Slots, and King’s Road. Loves food, loves games, loves music.

Favorite 90s game: Super Mario Bros. 3


Sultan of SWOT (Associate Director of Product)

James Pascual – Picture

MFA in Visual Development at Academy of Art and BA in Graphic Art and Animation at SF State University. Worked as freelance concept artist in animation at Helpful Bear Production Inc. and Carlos Baena LLC.

Favorite 90s game: NBA Jam


Figment Projector (Associate Art Director)


Developer Liaison, SME extraordinaire turned QA nerd. I don’t like to break things; I like to dispel the illusion that things work.

Favorite 90s game: Doom


Sunshine (QA Analyst)

Joe Domenici – picture

Majored in Psychology at Stanford University and liked the Bay Area so much I never left. Previously worked at Jam City on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Spreadsheets for both fun and profit.

Favorite 90s game: Age of Empires II


Spreadsheet Wrangler (Lead Designer)

jonathan team page

Former Nullsoft Llama whipper, life-long gamer, unabashed Nintendo fan, and experienced community manager that has spent over two decades growing audiences for various entertainment applications.

Favorite 90s game: Super Metroid


Sower of Discord (Associate Director of Community)

Kris Zimin – Picture

BFA in Animation at the Academy of Art University. He has spent the last 10 years creating fun and interactive VFX for video games with styles ranging from cartoony, to realistic. Some previous titles include Heroes of Newerth, Strife, and Savage Resurrection.

Favorite 90s game: Mario Kart 64


The Pixel Pusher (Associate Tech Art Director/Lead VFX Artist)


Born and raised in Hawaii, studied in San Francisco to connect people through games. BFA Game Development UI/UX for Games at the Academy of Art University. One of the first hands to contribute to starting “ArtU Esports”.

Favorite 90s game: Tetris


Moral Support (2D Marketing Artist)

Kristyan Queano – Profile Pic (cropped)

Food scientist before shifting careers to game designer 7 years ago. Mentored designers, led teams, and shipped multiple titles across his tenure in Gameloft and Hothead Games. Treats games as books.

Favorite 90s game: Final Fantasy 7


Mechanics Monger (Lead Gameplay Designer)

Kyle Wang – Profile Pic (cropped)

Ate too many sandwiches over the years and evolved into an artist. Loves to pet dogs and lift heavy.

Favorite 90s game: Street Fighter 2


The Dog Lifter (Sr. Concept Artist)

Kyunghun Cho – Picture

10+ years of experience in the game industry. Previously worked at Nexon and Neople. Previous titles include Dungeon and Fighter and Mabinogi. Likes to spend time with his cat named Momo.

Favorite 90s game: Lunar Silver Star Story


Calm Striker (Sr. Software Engineer)


The chosen one who’s born able to draw before writing. Getting dragged to Architecture Side and by the power of “Wholly Artengel” converted back to Art Side. Currently facing the problem of running out of space from toy collecting.

Favorite 90s game: Link to the Past, MK, SF2 Turbo


Art Templar (Principal 2D Artist)

Mike Desenganio – portrait 2

Former Capcom, Namco, Sony. Tradeshows and E-sports production. Fighting game enthusiast (non-pro), Souls fanatic, platformer born and raised, RPG explorer, sharpshooter and license revoked. “They say I’m I.T. but I’m not…they say I’m a video editor but I’m not…they say I’m asleep but I’m n — okay you got me there.”

Favorite 90s game: Breakers Revenge


The Firefighter (Combat Designer)

Hakiki Rene

Emmy-nominated producer with a passion for developing innovative products. Held senior and executive producer positions at Digital Domain, Digital Funk Machine, Konami, Hijinx Studios, and Interplay working on iconic franchises such as Voltron, Dance Dance Revolution, Karaoke Revolution, Silent Hill, Castlevania, NBA Jam, Barbie, Vandal Hearts, Touchmaster, Fallout, and Star Trek.

Favorite 90s game: GoldenEye 007, Starcraft, Metal Gear Solid


Old-fashioned Technophile (Lead Producer)

IMG_7753 v3

Always had a strong passion for game development and art since he had his first Nintendo system. He got into drawing animated effects and shooting movie videos with his camcorders. In his free time, he still makes games, art, and shoots videos with his phone… only difference is that he does it with his kids now.

Favorite 90s game: Super Metroid


Visual Manipulator (Motion Graphics Artist)

ying_kuo_headshot 2019 (photo 2) v2

Majored in Computer Engineering. Has worked in the gaming industry close to a decade. Passionate about creating a company culture based on growth, transparency, and feedback.

Favorite 90s Game: Super Mario’s World


Yingie (Sr. HR Manager)

Kang, Aaron – profile picture

Majored in Computer Science at Swarthmore College; favorite courses were operating systems, computer graphics, and algorithms. Hobbies include karaoke, going on scenic hikes, and playing DotA 2.

Favorite 90s game: StarCraft: Brood War


Coding Mercenary (Jr. Engineer)

Kevin DuPuy

Seasoned Bay Area game developer with over 16+ years creating mobile games at glu, Kongregate, Zynga and Skillz.  Passionate about anything and everything gaming from handheld to PC/console and arcades.

Favorite 90s Game:  Super Metroid, Sonic 2, Unreal


Maker of Games (Director of Production)


MA in Animation from DePaul University. Fan of all things 80s/90s cartoons and a Disney expert. Artist by day, fitness enthusiast by lunch, toy collector by dinner and gamer by night.

Favorite 90s Game: Primal Rage


Half-Shell Hero (3D Artist)

Eum, Young Jun – Profile Picture v2

Lifelong gamer and esports fan. Recent graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Information Science. Love watching sports, cooking, and playing golf!

Favorite 90s game: Pokemon Red


The Bay Native (Associate Producer)

emily_profile_photo (2)

Just started a career as a Front-End engineer. Majored in EE but was passionate about web programming and love to make creative and fantastic websites!

Like to fix digital appliances and love every animal with fur.

Favorite 90s game: Super Mario, Hangame Tetris


The Cat Lover (Intern - Frontend Web Developer)

Bchandra – Pic (3)
Life-long gamer and 15+ year industry vet. Shipped a variety of titles on different platforms including Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, SOCOM: Confrontation and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, Prototype 2, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Gears of War, Transformers: Forged to Fight, Marvel: Contest of Champions, Marvel: Realm of Champions and Disney Mirrorverse
Favorite 90s Game: WWF No Mercy


The Machine (QA Lead)

Isabel 2021 v9
10+ years in the gaming industry in various capacities most recently in Finance. My favorite genre is match 3. Love Art museums, film festivals / indie / foreign films, volunteering and traveling.  Most exciting experience in recent times was participating in a Lady Gaga Flash Mob!
Favorite 90s games: Donkey Kong and Star Wars Racer Arcade


World Traveler (Director of Finance)

Jeannette’s Headshot v4

I am a SF native and a true Cali girl. I majored in Global Studies and graduated from the beautiful UC Santa Barbara. My work background is in Operations and I always try to find ways to make processes more operationally excellent. I really enjoy planning events, celebrating people’s accomplishments and catering to company culture.


Favorite 90s games: Super Smash Bros.


Jeannettiesspaghetti (Office Manager/EA)

Grew up playing games, then started living the dream working in the games industry. Love playing and talking about all varieties of games. My game backlog frequently taunts me.
Favorite 90s Game: Chrono Cross


Game Hopper (QA Analyst)


Passionate about interactive media, AI and blockchain, Varun’s been in game analytics all his career having worked on edtech, social casino and RTS games. Likes to hike, cook and play poker in his spare time.

Favorite 90’s game: Red Alert 2


The Numbers Guy (Lead Data Analyst)


Born and raised in San Diego, CA. Grew up playing Nintendo and PlayStation action-adventure games. Graduated from University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Technology Arts and Media and a focus on game design. Previously worked on God of War Ragnarok.

Favorite 90s game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Bear Hugger (QA Analyst)


Pursuing an artist dream by starting off with two Bachelor Degrees in 3D Modeling and Game Design Art at University of Silicon Valley.
Previously worked at Start-Up companies as 3D Generalist and Technical Artist.
Love eating fried eggs at home and drinking roasted coffee at work everyday!

Fun Fact: My very first PS1 games were Disney’s Hercules, Crash Bandicoot, and Fighting Force.

Favorite 90s game: Harvest Moon: Back to Nature


Coffee Drinker (Character Technical Artist)


Marketing and Community leader in gaming for the last 13 years. Working in web3 gaming since 2020.

Favorite 90’s game: Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time


The BUIDLer (Director of Marketing - Web3)


Marketing and growth leader in startups since 2007 specializing in gaming, social media, and FinTech. Most recently led growth for Palm NFT Studios and flagship projects enabling Arts and Comics fans to own, create, and exchange new IP.

Favorite 90’s games: FIFA 99 and Minesweaper


Explorer of New Worlds (Director of Marketing - Token)


Born and raise in Vietnam, Saigon. Fell in love with the Bay Area and its people. BFA in Animation/Illustration at SJSU. 7+ years in mobile gaming. Have strong passion for stylized and mechs art.

Favorite 90s game: Starcraft Broodwar


Kaiger (Sr. Environment Artist)


Born and raised in Brazil, Alberto is a game-programmer turned game-designer with well over a decade of experience working in games. Severely addicted to the chaos of the games industry, he desperately needs a hobby.


Favorite 90s game: Diablo



Diversity Hire (Lead Systems Designer)

Sangjin Hyun

15+ years online game industry veteran. Previously worked as a Chief Architect at Innospark and as a platform director at Nurien Software. Interested in backend open source projects and new technologies which can make fun game.

Favorite 90s game: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II


Fire Fighter (VP of Platform Engineering)


MS in Media from Ajou University.11+ years of experience as software engineer. Previously worked as development director at Innospark. Previous titles include Rule the Sky, Dragon Friends, and Hero Sky. Enjoy board games and golf.

Favorite 90s game: Dune2 and Command and Conquer series.


Eli (Lead Client Engineer)


Server engineer with 5 years of experience. Previously worked at InnoSpark and released HeroSky, a mobile strategy game. An enthusiastic gamer and a huge NBA fan.

Favorite 90s game: One Must Fall 2097


Mr.Fanboy (Sr. Server Engineer)

Kyungtae Kim

16+ years of HR experience. I worked at Neowiz and Webzen in the game industry since 2011. Love listening to the music of Hip-Hop, EDM, Ballad.

Favorite 90s game: Prince of Persia


Kay (HR Manager)

Seonung Kim

Client engineer of 10 years of experience, Previously I mainly created TPS, SNG and Strategy game types and liked fighting games and movies.

Favorite 90s game: Samurai Shodown 4


Guardian(Sr. Client Engineer)

Yeonjin Choe

Long-time gamer who has played games since Nov 1980. Enjoy collecting retro games and writing articles and reviews on various games in different genres.

Favorite 90s game: Tactics ogre – Let us cling together. (SNES)


AlcoholGamer (Sr. Game Designer)

Yountae Kang

BS in Computer Science from the SoongSil University, Korea. Previously worked on my own mobile service based on web-server and android environment with several team members. Loves to listen, rather than to talk.

Favorite 90s game: Pocket Monsters


Archer (Sr. Server Engineer)

Kyejoo Jeon

Previously worked as Project Director of Seven Knights Japan at Netmarble nexus. Previous titles include Keroro Fighters and Gunbound.  I like action RPG and strategy simulation genre.

Favorite 90s game: Xak3, The Legend of Heroes Ⅳ, Devil Force3, Diablo, Starcraft


Relay (Sr. Game Designer)


Bs. in Computer Engineering from Sogang University in Korea. Have Worked in gaming industry since 2014.

Memorize memories!

Favorite 90s game: Wonder Boy in Monster Land


theoBurp (Client Engineer)

Wonjin Cho

After graduating from university, I created animation and film effects. About 14 years ago I came to the game and created the effects of Sun Online and The Day online. I like movies or games and I like to communicate with people.

Favorite 90s game: Romance of The Three Kingdoms 2


Jin (VFX Artist)

Hojin Lee

Has 13+ years of software engineer experience. Previously worked with FPS and Strategy games. I like listen to the music, and play games.

Favorite 90s game: The legend of the heroes , Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch


armoredcode (Sr. Client Engineer)


I’ve worked as UI designer and made 5 games since 2017. I really love playing game , making game, design game.

Favorite 90s game: Metal slug


Mini (UI Artist)

Junghyun Hwang

I have about six years of experience in motion design. The previous company made VR games with RPG. I like to play games.

Favorite 90s game: Age of Empires 2


Timon (Animator)


Majored in Game Devlopment BFA, graduated from University in San Francisco. Have experiences in 2D and 3D Environment Art for mobile and steam based games. Sometimes like to walk around the town, and sometimes like to just chill in home drawing something.

Favorite 90s game: The sims Original


Chlolo (Environment Artist)


Born in Korea, raised in Latin America, and educated in the US. Dedicated gamer, experienced in live game servicing and new project management.

Favorite 90s game: Final Fantasy 6

Jongtae Jon Choi

Shapeshifter (Project Manager)

Youhyun Kim

I like games, so I came to the game industry and working on game quality assurance for over 2 years. Previous titles include Chunha Mussang, Elion and Rogue Universe.

Favorite 90s game: Worms Armageddon, Metal Slug, Ninja Baseball Bat Man


KingU (QA Analyst)

Hyunah Kim

I majored in Education at Ewha W. University.
I worked at Sindoh as a SW engineer more than 3 years.
I like playing games or taking pictures in free time.

Favorite 90s game: Roller coaster tycoon


Emilia (Server Engineer)


I majored Communication Design and worked 4 years in advertising agency.
I feel happy when I am getting positive reviews through my works.

Favorite 90s game: Bubble Bobble, Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Princess Maker3


Lusia (2D Artist)


I am a web developer majoring in psychology and computer engineering. I like to create services by collaborating with planners and designers.
Interested in and investing in virtual assets.

Favorite 90s game: Super Mario world


Walter (Frontend Web Developer)


I’m a software engineer and worked in various startup companies.
Developing software is my only hobby, specialty, and major.
Therefore, I want to get various experiences as a software engineer.

Favorite 90s game: Heroes of Might & Magic 3


Rex (Backend Web Developer)

yeongwoo_kim 1

I am a UX designer majoring in industrial design, focusing on easy user experience and problem solving.
Interested in UX design as well as graphic design and investing in virtual assets.

Favorite 90s game: Super Mario World


Jony (Sr. UX UI Designer)

이자영_프로필사진 (1)

I’ve been working as a front-end web developer since 2018.
I believe good websites could give a good experience to millions of people.
I’m a running and travel lover.

Favorite 90s game: Princess maker2,3


Wanderlust (Frontend Web Developer)


We designed games of various genres such as RPG, puzzle, sports, and TCG.
I’m currently enjoying LoL, and I like to go camping on holidays.

Favorite 90s game: Power Instinct, Pump It Up, Baldur’s Gate, StarCraft, DIABLO


Genie (Sr. Game Designer)

I majored in Digital Media Design.
As a UI/UX designer, I like to think flexibly in various contexts, share ideas with each other, and create collaboratively.
I want to make the world more beautiful with digital products.

Favorite 90s game: Diablo, Pokémon, RollerCoaster Tycoon


Mr.Hodori (UX UI Designer)

Sebom Lee
5+ years of exp. Majored in brand designing. I am interested in data-driven UX and UX writing.
I always try to design based on a user-centric mind. I enjoy art in all forms including movies, music, and paintings.
On top of that, I am an avid language learner.
Favorite 90s game: TETRIS


bombom (UX UI Designer)

Yechan Jung
I majored in automotive engineering.
I like Japanese animation and console games, especially action movies.
Favorite 90s game: Pocket Monsters


Dreamer (Animator)

정동현 제출용

I have worked as an embedded developer and Android developer for a short time. Now I am starting fresh as a front-end developer. I like to watch space documentaries and play games.

Favorite 90s game: Uncharted Waters 4, Starcraft


Yan (Frontend Web Developer)


I am a product manager who makes products based on various kinds of IT knowledge.
I want to create products that aim for Beyond Game in the digital world.

Favorite 90s game : Dragon Quest 4


bucciarati (Service Project Manager)


I worked as a 3D artist, but started a career as a Front-End engineer.

Love every game in the world! Huge fan of Overwatch, League of legends, Dead By Daylight and PUBG.

I believe positive thinking makes good things happen. As always!

Favorite 90s game :Jazz Jackrabbit 2



Jeenie (Frontend Web Developer)


I majored in Chinese and have 3 years of HR experience.

I love dogs and yoga and want to communicate with lots of different people and experience various things!


Favorite 90s game : Princess maker, Tetris


Moon (HR Assistant Manager)


I majored in Law but was eager to explore some creative things.
I’m the kind of person who is open-hearted and energetic.
I usually recharge my batteries while chatting, running, and playing games.
Between you and me, I’m a serious strawberry lover.

Favorite 90s game : Starcraft


Lena (Community Manager)


Have experience in mobile-based game development as a 2D artist, I love to draw characters inspired by various genres of game concept art (RPG, puzzle, FPS~).

And my favorite part in game dev is when my work have applied to a game.

Favorite 90s game : kirby, puyopuyo2


Serene (2D Concept Artist)


Enjoy & exiting!.

Favorite 90s game : Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil serires


Berserker (Environment Concept Artist)


I worked as a developer of N portal service UI, and I am currently working as a UIUX designer using my experience.
I am constantly studying to improve the user experience and hope to become an expert in the web field in the future.
Having a mind that is not afraid of challenges and learning.
Another hobby is watching cats on YouTube. I cry when I see something cute


Favorite 90s game: Tetris


SUGA (UX UI Designer)


I started web development from 2014. The web is always new and exciting. I wonder what the web of the future will look like.

Favorite 90s game: StarCraft, Prince of Persia


Climber (Sr. Frontend Web Developer)


Majored in computer engineering and worked PM in travel service.
I’ve always been a passionate person who enjoys working with like-minded individuals. In addition, I have a love for baseball, movies, travel, and dogs. 

Favorite 90s game: The kingdom of the winds


Say (Service Project Manager)


Engineer who still needs to learn more and interested in making a better infrastructure.

Favorite 90s game: Diablo2


Whitegoblin (Dev Ops Engineer)


I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia but came back to Korea to continue my studies.
I started my career as a junior PM at a start-up and hope to continue and thrive in this expertise.
I am a hardcore gamer who also loves watching movies and traveling.

Favorite game: League of Legends, PUBG, TFT, various steam games


Sepunjix (Project Manager)


I like games, so I participated in making games. I like to play games and hang out with people.

Favorite game: Warcraft 3, MONSTER HUNTER, God of war.


YONG (Character Artist)